Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cataclysm endgame puzzles

I reached level 85 with Alaurai last week. A thousand thanks to Sthenia for hanging in there with me through the long journey!

Also, thanks to Dingbata for playing with me the past few weeks. We've leveled our toons from 30ish to 61, and we're now in Outland. Flying is the best landmark in the game. It was really awesome flying around the Eastern Kingdoms with my bro!

I'm finding that I am enjoying playing my rogue, Sandrainne, now that I've spent enough time with her to start to understand how. Thanks to Sthenia for her tips on this.

Now that we've reached the endgame (again!) Sthenia and I are puzzling over what to do. I'm finding the Tol Barad dailies to be, ah, somewhat less than enthralling, and the mobs there are really mean and nasty. Ashuntrah says they hit harder than any other normal mobs in the game.

I'm also not too sure about how I feel about PvP. I've done a few battlegrounds, and enjoyed some of them, but they are really intense and demanding, and not good for me to do on days when I'm not feeling well.

Ashuntrah suggested working on getting Heirloom gear for my alts, and I've been looking into this, but I must say that the whole Crusader/Valiant/Arena/Honor Points/Exalted Reputation thing seems very complex, and I don't really understand it all yet. Maybe with a little more research I'll get a handle on it.

But the fact that you have to trek all the way out to northern Icecrown to do the dailies puts a damper on this, especially if you're also trying to do the Tol Barad dailies and the Stormwind cooking and fishing dailies at the same time. And you don't get the Argent Crusader Tabard - which lets you portal out there to the Icecrown boonies - until you've finished the process!

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