About Me

I'm a little old lady (not from Pasadena) and former software engineer who started playing WoW in May 2010. This is the first video game I've ever gotten into.

I am a person who likes variety and diversity, and likes to explore. As a result I have not flown like a bullet up through the levels to the endgame like most people. I've taken my time, played different races, different factions and classes, roamed the world, discovering new things and lighting up my maps.

As of October 2010 I still don't have an 80, but I do have a whole lot of lower level toons! My main's a Night Elf Hunter (on a leisurely stroll through the low 70's) and my top Horde is a Blood Elf Hunter who just made it into the 50's and is looking forward to learning to fly. Also have assorted paladins and warriors plus a sadly neglected mage and rogue currently doing slave duty as banker alts.

I love flying - I was a private pilot in real life - and for me traveling around is the best part of the game. In WoW, I have wings again!

Mining and blacksmithing are my favorite professions - love that clank! But both my highest level toons are jewelcrafters and I hope they will soon be able to start repaying all the money and effort I've put into leveling their (expensive) skills!

I also love cats and was quite disappointed to have to stable my hunters' beloved kitties in favor of a doggie wolf. I'm delighted that Cataclysm will be rectifying the pet imbalance so I can play my kitties again.

In this blog I hope to provide a little insight into what it's like to be a late newcomer to the vast world of the most popular MMO in history.