Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jame's WoW-Pro Leveling Guides; those evil rogues

I came across an interview with Jame, who wrote the excellent guides that are incorporated into the WoW-Pro Add-On. It's a great interview, and Jame gives terrific insight into the process he uses to develop his guides. The interview is here:


Also, I've been assuming that we'd have to do without the guides for a while after Cataclysm hits. I mean, guides for several thousand new quests in just a few weeks? Impossible! But Jame has put together a team whose goal is to have complete guides ready by December 7. Here:


As to those treacherous rogues, I came across a couple of posts on the WoW forums in which a lot of people complain loudly that Subtlety rogues are now so overpowered (at least in PvP) that they can kill players many levels above them with one strike:


I'm sure Blizzard will address this at some point, but for now you rogues could really have a lot of fun!

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